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At Clarity Capital Group our number one priority is providing the best service possible. Here is what a few people had to say about us:

“Although we were new to the area, Clarity Capital Group was able to get us up to speed on the Peninsula (from where the good restaurants are to where the good schools are) and find the perfect home for our family in no time at all. When it comes to real estate, they really knows their stuff and have experienced it all in their many years in the profession so there’s nothing you can’t ask them.

But most importantly, they really like what they do and it shows. Buying a home with Clarity Capital Group is like buying a home with an old friend. Their excitement and energy for the process is infectious.”

Eric F.

“Approximately 6 years ago, I was in the market to sell and buy a new home. A very close friend of mine referred and later introduced me to the people at Clarity Capital Group. My friend had just closed a sale and purchase of a new home and expressed how pleased they were working with Clarity Capital Group.

In my case, time was of the essence so I decided to contact Clarity Capital Group to discuss the details of my current home and the intent to buy a new one. During our initial meeting, the agent made me feel comfortable and quickly understood my situation. He provided several options and suggestions for me to consider.

The agent also offered to handle all real estate (listings, showings, inspections, appraisals, etc.) as well as broker my loan. I saw this as a huge value-add since I only had to deal with one entity. So, I decided to give him the opportunity. Not only did I receive more for the house I was selling, but was able buy a house for less than the asking price. I was elated.

I had such a good experience with Clarity Capital, I have called upon their services on 2 additional occasions, with the latest transaction of a vacation home in the Sierra Foothills. I have referred Clarity Capital Group to 2 of my family members and they also had a great experiences. I highly recommend Clarity Capital Group and would gladly provide a more detailed reference.”

Carl B.

“We first started working with Clarity Capital Group in 2003, when we refinanced our mortgage. The agent was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. We felt comfortable asking him any question that came to mind and he took the time to answer in great detail each time. Through it all, the agent was always positive, thorough, and very knowledgeable.

Since that great first experience, not only have we worked seamlessly with Clarity Capital Group on other transactions, but we’ve also recommended them to all of our friends and family in need of real estate services. Those folks who accepted our recommendation were all very pleased with their decision, as the agents treated them with the same respect and professionalism with which they treat all of their clients. We cannot imagine ever doing another real estate transaction without Clarity Capital Group.”

Sandra H.

“The agent at Clarity Capital Group gave us great advice as we looked at properties, both as a realtor and as a mortgage broker. The Clarity team helped us select, and secure mortgages on, our last two houses. In both cases they were exceptionally efficient and proactive in working with the lenders. We highly recommend Clarity Capital.”

Charley H.